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Charlotte Blues Society meets the 1st Sunday Jan-June, Aug.-Dec.at The Rabbit Hole, 1801 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte NC 

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CBS Events and Causes

Road to Memphis~ Solo/Duo & Band Challenge for IBC 2020


Charlotte Blues Society is pleased to announce upcoming Blues Challenge for the Memphis International Blues Challenge 2020.

One again we shall have an opportunity for artists to compete against the finest artists in the world.

The Road to Memphis begins in Charlotte.

Blues Artists that wish to participate in the Challenge can find entry forms at the link below.

Solo Due event: Sunday September 1

Noon to 4pm

The Rabbit Hole

1801 Commonwealth Ave

Charlotte, NC

Band Challenge: Sunday October 6


The Rabbit Hole

1801 Commonwealth Ave

Charlotte NC


Save The Date
#36 IBC: Jan. 28 – Feb. 01, 2020


“So you want to work as a touring blues musician, and need the world to know you’re out there?
Compete in the IBC and make it to Memphis!

Didn’t make it into the competition? GO ANYWAY. The opportunities out there are not just for the contestants. I made friends and contacts that have served me well, and will continue to serve me, I believe, for the duration of my career.”

– Erica Brown, 2013 IBC Finalist (Colorado Blues Society)

Best Self-Produced CD

The Blues Foundation established an award for the Best Self-Produced CD, given out at the International Blues Challenge, as part of our mission to celebrate blues recording and to ensure the future of this uniquely American art form and to recognize excellence in independent Blues recordings.

Only CDs released between November 1, 2018 and October 31, 2019 are eligible for consideration as The 2020 Best Self-Produced CD.

Contact CBS for more info

challenge entries here

A Brick For Robin



You could win this limited edition plaque commemorating The Double Door Inn.   
Only two exist.  
This collectible has been donated to Charlotte Blues Society to raise funds to purchase a permanent brick which will be installed in front of the Blues Foundation building in Memphis. 
This brick will commemorate CBS Member, Award winning Blues Artist  Robin Rogers and CBS
We are going to raffle this plaque strictly for the purchase of the brick. 
We are selling 100 raffle tickets at $5 a piece. Once all tickets are sold, the winner will be drawn.
The Double Door plaque could be yours.
Only  57 tickets  remain, so get yours soon.
The 8"x8" brick will read:
Charlotte Blues
Society Honors
Robin Rogers 
Winner 2011 BMA 
Contemporary Blues 
Female Artist

The Blues Music Awards are presented by the The Blues Foundation a  non-profit organization founded to foster blues heritage. 

Robin was posthumously  awarded Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year in 2011. 

Robin was a huge advocate of Charlotte Blues Society and The Blues Foundation.  She was also winner of the 2009 "Best Female Artist" Blues Blast Award.  

Purchase your raffle ticket for this collectible today.

Buy Brick Raffle tix

One Can? I Can! Blues for Food benefiting Loaves & Fishes


The Instigators

We're Keepin the Blues Alive~!

The Instigators

The Instigators are an exciting Charlotte based, four piece Blues band that also demonstrate a command of Southern Soul, R&B, Reggae and Rock influences in their repertoire.  The band members are as follows, Rob Dayton, Harmonica and Vocals, Stephen Foley, Bass and Vocals, John Hartley, Drums and Michael Ingmire, Guitars and Vocals.  Now considering some individual descriptions, The Instigators are as follows:

Rob Dayton:  Rob’s Harmonica playing recalls the best work Of Little Walter and Junior Wells.  He also possesses a gruff, but powerful, singing voice.

Stephen Foley: Stephen is a steady rolling Bass player who is a crucial member of the Rhythm Section of the Instigators and who adds his distinct voice to the Instigator vocal mix.

John Hartley:  John is the true engine of the band with his drumming.  A powerhouse who remains tasteful and dynamic in his playing.

Michael Ingmire:  Michael has a broad ranging history.  He learned guitar, one-on-one, with players such as John Jackson, Furry Lewis, Bukka White, Sleepy John Estes and Hubert Sumlin.  He has directly shared the stage with many of his heroes including Wilson Pickett, Clarence Carter, Kenny Neal, 

Bo Diddley, Dr. Mac Arnold, Bob Margolin and Willie “Big Eye” Smith, among several.  He has had the privilege of opening for Dr. John, Anders Osborne, Albert King, Johnny Copeland, Tinsley Ellis, and John Lee Hooker, among many.  Michael is a nationally published writer and historian who has written many musical history articles about many American musical icons.  He is a consistent contributor to Politichicks.com and the Charlotte Blues Society’s monthly newsletter with his writing.

Save the dates

June 7,8,9 2019

A Taste of Charlotte, in Uptown Charlotte, NC.  CBS Beer & Wine tent by the main stage

Blues Sunday August 4, 2019

CBS Blues Sunday celebrates August with our Open BLUES Jam with THE INSTIGATORS  at The Rabbit Hole. .

Blues Jam Guidelines

Open Blues Jam

 Blues Jam Guidelines and Courtesies

Welcome to the Charlotte Blues Society Blues Jam.  You are participating in a tradition that is over 26 years in the making.  The Charlotte Blues Society has consistently promoted a Blues Jam as part of its Blues Sunday.  The Charlotte Blues Society’s Blues Sunday occurs on the first Sunday of each month.  The Blues Jams do not happen at every Blues Sunday.  Always refer to charlottebluessociety.org for details and schedules.  We hope your experience will be inspiring and that your own musical abilities will be informed by these jams.

We offer the following guidelines to consider when signing on as a participating jammer:

A practical suggestion, Sign up early.  On the sign-up sheet please list your instrument and/or ability that you wish to contribute to the Jam.  While the Blues has a lot of variations, please be advised this is a Blues Jam.  Please keep it real ladies and gentlemen.

Be respectful of any equipment that you use, backline and PA, treat it as your own or possibly better than your own. We recommend you bring your own gear, including amp.  If you have a special amp, pedal or set-up that you need to use, remember guideline #1; Come early

Keep track of your place on the sign-up sheet.  It is not up to the Jam Master to track you down when your time to shine arrives.  

Please be advised that you need to be tuned and ready BEFORE you get on stage.  Additionally, if you are a guitarist that tunes down a half step, please note the House band will be tuned to standard 440.  Two choices remain, either tune to  440 or make allowances in your choice of a chord voicing.

Volume:  If you only hear yourself on stage, perhaps you are too loud.  Likewise, if you hear everyone else, but not yourself; turn up.  

Be respectful of your fellow musicians, no matter what their ability may be.  Everyone usually starts at the same place.

In regards to soloing, again please be respectful of other musicians in the jam.  For example, rhythm guitar is not just something to waste your time on while you wait for your next solo.  One of the lessons of a Blues Jam is to learn how to be as apt an accompanist as you hope to be as a soloist.  The Jam Master will be generous with solos, but be mindful of other musicians that may be waiting to jam.  

Lastly, have fun.  Also respect the traditions as well as the innovations of the Blues.  Likewise, respect the Charlotte Blues Society and The Rabbit Hole for providing the space and equipment for you to jam.

In Addition, we highly recommend you read and observe the following 

"The Ten Commandments of Jam" from Derek Trucks.

 1. Just listen.
Make sure that when you’re on stage with others, you are paying attention to what’s going on and not getting self-involved in your own world.
2. Respect everyone else’s musical space.
The easiest way to kill a vibe is by jumping in and adding your two cents too soon, while someone else is still trying to build something. Just let things happen.
3. Make you sure you are telling a story.
Never just be playing scales, filling space or going through the motions. Sometimes people resort to such tactics just to fill space but it’s always a mistake. Longer solos aren’t always better solos. Always have something to say.
4. Try to play an emotion.
Always be aware of what emotion you want to convey and try to tap into it. You can often hear what a great soloist is going through. It doesn’t take words to express a thought; you can definitely spell out emotions musically and should always strive to do so.
5. Never use the bandstand to practice.
Don’t waste time working through things. It’s great to take chances but not to try things you are completely unsure of. Save your practice time for off stage.
6. Treat the stage as your church.
Respect what you are doing. If you want people to respect what you’re doing and think it means something, you have to act like it does. All great artists treat the stage like it is sanctified.
7. Make sure your intentions are right.
Don’t be up there to boost your ego or career. Mean what you’re doing and appreciate it. You won’t get anywhere musically if you are just on stage to impress people.
8. Always make the band sound better.
Don’t just highlight what you do; serve the group and the music. Playing rhythm behind someone or even sitting out at the right moment is just as important as soloing. Some people sound great when they’re doing their thing but just get in the way when they’re not.
9. Educate with your music.
Always move forward and turn your audience on to new things instead of relying on the same old tricks. A core audience gets stuck listening to one group and think that’s it, but you’re around so much music and should always be inspired by new things. It’s important to pass that along, and it keeps you out of ruts.
10, Make sure you mean what you’re doing.
Do what you want and love. If you’re playing with somebody, you might as well do it right. No matter what the gig, dig in and go to town.

Learn More


The Blues Jam has always been a favorite event at Blues Society meetings, and The Instigators always provide a solid base to build a jam on.

Once again we have a list of songs that WILL be played during the jam.  This is especially helpful for new jammers.    

Songs for next Jam Charlotte Blues Society  

Each is listed with Song, Artist, Key and a link to video for reference:


The Thrill is Gone  Eric Clapton & BB King   Bm 




I’m Tore Down   Eric Clapton   C 




Little By Little   Junior Wells & Buddy Guy  A 




Who’s Been Talkin?  Howlin’ Wolf   Am 




Honey Hush   Albert Collins   C 

a/k/a Talkin Woman Blues 


CBS Blues Sunday : 1st Sunday of the Month

Our Mission Statement

Charlotte Blues Society, Blues Music, Live Blues,Blues Artists. Blues in the Schools, Non-profit



is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the American Blues tradition through the presentation of concerts, forums, educational programs and support of local musicians in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

CBS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors and operated by an all-volunteer staff. CBS is an affiliated member of The Blues Foundation, the umbrella organization for a worldwide network of 165 affiliated Blues societies and has individual memberships around the globe. 

Meet our New Guitar up for Raffle!

Candy Apple Red Fender Squier Strat 2019 Autographed fundraising raffle Guitar

As a 501(c)3 organization, we have been raising funds through Guitar Raffles. You gotta love this sweet number!

It's a Candy Apple Red Fender Squier Strat donated by Ray Otstott, and the signatures have already begun...the first this time was Albert Castiglia  

Samantha Fish, Eric Gales, and guitar wiz Jonathan Long have already added their signatures.  

Raffle tickets on sale now at all our events.

There will only be 400 tickets printed this year  When they are gone, they are gone.

Drawing will be held December 1, 2019.

With all the great acts coming to town this year, it should be a banner year to collect more autographs.

At this time, we want to thank all the artists who have signed our raffle guitars.   We appreciate you more than you will ever know.   And we know every signature makes that guitar more valuable, and a hotter ticket to purchase.
All proceeds are donations and benefit Charlotte Blues Society. Those dollars help us in our mission of Keeping the Blues Alive.  Thank you musicians!  

Thanks for your support!  Thanks to all who buy a ticket. Remember: it only takes one to win!

Our Designated Charity 2019


In 2017 CBS decided it was time for us to reach out to our community and adopt another charity.   
Loaves and Fishes fed over 77,000 people in the Charlotte area in 2017.  A huge percentage of those being fed were children. We committed to collecting donations of non-perishable food items at every Blues Sunday event through the year. 

We have recommitted ourselves to them again this year.

We  will always take donations at every blues event we attend outside of our own, (providing the venue allows it)  Funds raised will be used to purchase the most needed items  for the Loaves and Fishes  food pantry every month.  

In 2018 we donated 1812 pounds of food and over $200 from events. 

Our goal in 2019 is to reach that 2000 pound mark: a full ton by the end of the year.  
All we ask is that you bring non-perishable food items to our events, and we will make sure Loaves & Fishes receives it.

"1 Can?   I Can!" : our battle cry against hunger.

Please look for us at all Blues events and consider bringing food or making a cash donation.   

Blues for Food.  We Can make a difference!

We also encourage you to donate directly to Loaves and Fishes here 


The 35th International Blues Challenge was held January 22-26 2019 in Memphis TN.  Representing Charlotte Blues Society were Jake Haldenvang  solo/duo   and  The Chris Clifton Band band .  Congrats to both.  
Jake advanced to the Semi-Finals after the first  two nights. Although he did not make it to the finals, he showed the world the talent we have here in NC    Congratulations to all that competed in this International Competition.  Our Solo/Duo & Band Challenges to determine who will represent us in 2020 will be held in September and October.  If you are interested in competing, Randi S is at the helm for the competition this year.  

IBC 2019 Info

Established 1993


Charlotte Blues Society 

501(c)3 Non Profit

The Rabbit Hole


The New Home of Charlotte Blues Society
1801 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte NC

Meeting the 1st Sunday of the month.

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